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Posted by Carl on Tue 13 June 2017

This is the HDI class for June. We will figure out how to make a posting to the Interlock Website. So following Joe's instructions posted to IRC today we are going to do this.

First I cloned the website git repository.

git clone

Then I started editing this file in the markdown/ content/ directory. The file is called

We follow the format of an existing .md file to get all the content headers (metadata) correct. Now I am filling in the rest of the page.

blank canvas

Here are some of Joe's instructions:

   12:35 <+dzho> lemme see if I can run through a short version here just to 
                 limber up:
   12:36 <+dzho> git clone
   12:36 <+dzho> cd
   12:36 <+dzho> vi content/
   12:36 <+dzho> (write your post in markdown, make sure to have a Title: and a 
                 Date: line at the top)
   12:37 <+dzho> git add content/
   12:37 <+dzho> git commit -m "my new post, y'all"
   12:37 <+dzho> hmm, I skipped a step there if we want to use the github pull 
                 request model.
   12:37 <+dzho> fork
   12:38 <+dzho> git clone 
   12:38 <+dzho> proceed as above
   12:38 <+dzho> git push
   12:38 <+dzho> then generate a pull request against the repo
   12:38 <+dzho> then magic happens
   12:39 <+dzho> (eg, manual intervention on my part to build the thing with 
                 pelican and copy it to the linode)
   12:40 <+dzho> (to set up that part, virtualenv ~/pelican-venv; . 
                 ~/pelican-venv/bin/activate ; pip install pelican ; )
   12:42 <+dzho> then, within pelican content
   12:43 <+dzho> that will build the site and put the results in the output dir, 
                 which is parallel to the content dir, underneath the 
   12:43 <+dzho> I've been rsync'ing output up to ~djoe on the vm, and then from 
                 there into the web server directory.
   12:44 <+dzho> (the first step, from the outside, requires only sending files 
                 into the VM from an unprivileged account, the second requires 
                 privileges sufficient to write to the web directory. I keep them 
                 separate as a precaution.)
   12:44 <+dzho> I think that captures the general flow of things, off the top of 
                 my head with only a little reference to various of the stuff 

Now I am going to try putting this into the git repo. Then if successfull I will then attempt to make updates to the front page so you can find this.

[ When pandoc is run, it automatically updates index.html to include new content. --dzho ]

[ I also gave a very terse step-by-step for using Pelican in this post from issue #3 --dzho ]

[ The documentation on writing content for Pelican can also be useful here --dzho]